My Flying Experience – On A Plain

By | June 29, 2022

First Word – About Fly

Today I will share the events of the day I first boarded the plane. I have tried a lot in my life to get on a plane. But my fortune is so bad that my family is a middle class family. So middle class families can’t get on a plane if they want to and if they want to get on a plane they have to spend a lot of money and then they have to get on a plane. So let’s face it, the first day I got on a plane, the first time I got a ticket online, the first thing I felt was that I would get on a plane. My destination was Cox’s Bazar. When I left, I left my house to go to the port. It takes four to five hours. Then after a lot of suffering I got out very early in the morning my flight was a little after two in the afternoon then when I arrived at the airport a bell rang. There was a fear working in my mind just like I had joy in my mind when I got there. Alas, I will go in, how will I fly, how will I enter, how will everything be? Later I went inside the airport and finished boarding. When I got on the plane after boarding, I saw that everyone was helping one by one. I didn’t understand everything. When I got on the plane in the morning with help, I felt very happy. I was scared a lot but I got a lot of pleasure. After doing so, the plane started flying in a hurry. Everyone was told to read the seatbelt. I can’t wear the seatbelt. I read the seatbelt with the help of an airman. Then what was in the dream I flew in the sky. It usually takes about 15 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar from our area but within an hour and a half I reached Cox’s Bazar. And anyway, I realized one thing in the sky, how colorful life is, but to see it colorful is not in everyone’s destiny. I will demand this from everyone.

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