Bangladesh fears drought

By | June 28, 2022

Fears Drought

The current situation in the world that we understand very well that we are facing different types of natural disasters in different countries. If we can’t do something ourselves at this time, we will not be able to fight against the drought in our world. In this way, our world will gradually be destroyed. In fact, people are responsible for the imbalance of the environment. Now let’s talk about Bangladesh, the current situation in Bangladesh, we are currently facing a lot of vs. Bangladesh. Now the rainy season does not mean that we are facing floods. In fact, we are facing floods due to loss of environmental balance. Many researches have shown that the environment of Bangladesh has not been completely destroyed. The environment of Bangladesh is good enough. In addition, many other countries in the world have not been able to properly balance their environment. Then we can see the current situation in India where no human being can live properly in India because the Indian environment has become uninhabitable. There has been so much damage to the environment that ordinary people are getting cancer while walking on the streets. From that point of view, Bangladesh is much better. Besides, the flood in Bangladesh is due to the actual Farakka Dam. When the water level in Farakka Dam in India becomes too much, the empty party is left. The boys in different parts of Bangladesh are submerged. Fan hairs are melting. We are suffering in many ways due to the snow. If we were not doing this harmful thing, we would be able to live a much better life. This is an epidemic that has devastated the economy of the world. We have to fight to fix the damage, so all we have to do is work together.

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Every country need good weather

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