Plant In My House Rooftop

By | June 18, 2022

Plant In Rooftop

Today I went to the roof of my house and saw a banyan tree growing on that side of the wall. When I went to see that tree, I reviewed and saw how the tree would come. After much thought I realized. In fact, the tree did not come here alone. When the banyan tree grows, it bears a kind of fruit on the banyan tree and when the fruits ripen, they take on a reddish shape. Those fruits may not be eaten by humans but by birds. And after the birds have eaten the fruit, the seeds that go with the fruit go into the stomach. He does not digest them. That’s why when they defecate, the seeds come out with their stool. After much thought I realized that maybe a bird flew on the roof of my house after eating the fruit of the banyan tree. I’ve been thinking a lot about how a plant is born. In fact, no matter how much a plant fights for food to make a living.

Important Talk

  1. No matter how the animal kingdom survives. We should try to save the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom because if we cannot save the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom then we will never be able to survive. Plants in particular provide us with oxygen and we know that no animal can survive without oxygen. And all the animals on Earth emit carbon dioxide, but when they need to breathe, they need oxygen, and plants need oxygen. Animals emit the same amount of carbon dioxide that they emit. We all know but we don’t believe in that. We also use plant will for our daily life in the committee. Let’s all come together and watch everything. and if any one like my word then plz stey with me . And stey conne

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