A Rainy Day – Stay Home

By | June 17, 2022

Rainy Day

Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. When it starts raining in Bangladesh, Bangladesh is completely full of water. Rivers, canals, canals and beels are all filled up. Besides, Bangladesh is called a riverine country. Since Bangladesh is called a riverine country, it is normal for Bangladesh to get rain. This morning when I woke up I saw the condition of the sky is not good or the sky is surrounded by black clouds.Then I realized that it would rain profusely. That’s why I told my mother to cook khichuri without delay. It rained before the khichuri cooking was over and what to do now only in leisure time and all kinds of worries, worries, worries, all kinds of worries. In doing so, it became noon and the afternoon rolled into the afternoon, the afternoon rolled into the night, but there is no name to stop the rain. What to do now After sitting all day, just waiting and waiting, the night is over and now it is raining all night. The rain all day reminded me that there are some people in poor countries who have to work soaking wet in the rain, whatever they are doing, in the end I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Last Word

Lastly, I like this rainy day express very much and rain is not just a season for us, it is a tradition in our country, it is a gift of environment. I am going there, we are very happy, very good, I love my country very much, I love my country very much, I love my motherland very much. Finally, I am saying goodbye to everyone.Another thing I forgot to mention is that on this rainy day many kinds of animals and plants are created. We will never be able to live well without it.

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