Violence Against Women In The World

By | March 14, 2021
Violence Against Women In The World

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There has been violence against women all over the world in all ages. It was very intense in primitive societies, especially in the dark ages of civilization. Gradually human mind developed through education, experience, and initiation into religions. As a result, violence against women subsided to a great extent. But sadly enough, in today’s world where education and technology have soared high to their peak, there is violence against women in many parts of the world. Because the World is a developing country, most of the people of the country are not educated. Moreover, political conflicts, poverty, conflicts of ideologies, all these factors have contributed much to this issue. It is often said that misunderstanding and misinterpretation of religious doctrines have resulted in violence against women. It is true in part but what is more significant in this case is that there is violence againSt women mainly because of the lack of development of our minds. Religion, law, or whatever civilized code of conduct we talk of when it falls in the hands of those whose minds have not developed it may become destructive.

Every day we come up with sad news of violence against women in the newspapers. We have heard about acid throwing, torturing of the wife by the husband because of the wife’s father’s inability to give dowry to her husband, family conflicts, torture in the name of punishment by religious people, discrimination on the part of the legal system of the country, and cultural-ideological factors. Investigations into this issue at various times have shown that women are ‘primarily tortured by women themselves. This is a result of the Domino Effect. If a woman is tortured or suppressed in any way by another woman of her husband’s family, then she will most probably transfer that torture onto another woman who will come to that family later on. This is a never-ending process and most of the sufferings of women that we see and hear of in our country are due to this kind of domino effect. Poverty is one of the most important causes of violence against women. Women contribute a lot to the income and other important activities of their families. There are families which mainly depend on women’s labor for their survival. Still, women are not properly valued. This is because of the fact that poverty makes their minds narrow, busy, unsatisfied, and fragile. So small issues and conflicts can lead them to destructive quarrels. And because men are by nature stronger physically than women, it is men that physically abuse women in most cases.

Women are not only wives, they are mothers too. Because they are mothers, they have a greater feeling and responsibility for their children and family. This feeling and responsibility always keep them tense in their mind. This -tension often makes them angry, irritative, and foul-mouthed. But the consequence of the expression of this mentality goes against themselves. They are beaten or discriminated against. There is an institution of marriage in society. But the lack of proper establishment of this institution and also the intrusion of other cultures in the society often lead people to delay their marriage.However, the aggressive and barbaric behavior of women also causes this violence to increase. If women do not follow the rules of Islam, they create in men an indomitable impulse of their activities. In today’s world, there is simple law in many countries and it goes without saying that the ultimate consequence of violence. This is why millions of men and women in the developed world are suffering separatism, family brake—down, loneliness, and thus depression. But we seldom learn from their mistakes because we ourselves have not yet gone through that phase of our mental development. As a result, we often accept the ready-made customs of Western societies which are full of errors, mistakes, and faults. And thus we follow away from life mostly opposite to the way of life accepted in Islam. As a result, the equilibrium of the relationships between men and women in society breaks apart. And there grows a huge tension in men. What they ultimately do is. not unknown to us. Some people who cannot suppress these desires endure pain and other criminal activities. However, other forms of torture also exist. In our society, both men and women work in mills, factories, and offices for the same duration of time but they do not receive the same salary. This discrimination blatantly goes against women. If we want to solve this problem with durable results, we must do the following:

(i) Make all the people, especially those people who are not much educated and who do not earn much. conscious about the rules and practices of behaving gently with women as Prescribed in Islam. (ii) Enact and apply laws that would very clearly state the ways for preserving the rights of women. (iii) Both the government and non-government organizations need to work toward the amelioration of women’s education. (iv) Men should be made aware of the fact that women are often tortured within their families by other women, especially by those who hold senior positions in the family.

If we do not forget that we all were born from the wombs of women, then we will perhaps be able to lead a happy life when we get married or just grow up. We should also not forget that just as we have desires and rights, so also do women.


The status of women in the World is not as low as it was years back, and not as high as it is in various developed countries. Nowadays women are allowed to participate in all spheres of activity of the society in which they are normally needed. They have access to the parliament, can participate in politics directly, are doing jobs in government as well as non-government offices are doing the shopping, and so on without denigrating their social as well as family status. at all. These examples imply that, for the most part, women have been given the bonafide liberty to participate in societal activities. But this has been possible only for the hard work and preaching of various prophets, great men, scholars, and other leaders for many centuries. And it is also a fact that preaching and propaganda may reach all the people of a society, but are not effective for everyone. For example, people with little or no education, being vulnerable to superstitions and unable to accept the new replacing the old, tend to ignore and resist new or revolutionary ideas. For this reason, many people in the remote villages where the light of knowledge and education has seldom reached are still ‘in favor of engaging women in the home. They curb their social participation and intellectual movement. That women have not yet achieved a good status in such backwaters is again proved by the existence of the dowry system there, which results in physical and mental torture of women, often death included. Why should a man be paid money only because he is going to marry her? True, a woman is entitled to her share of her father’s and mother’s properties, but in most cases, it has little relationship with a dowry. Again, what should happen to these women whose fathers have nothing or very little to offer her during her marriage? Unfortunately, the dowry-hunters seldom ask themselves such questions, if at all. The result: inhumane torture of women.

As human beings women should have a status equal to that of men. There can be no controversy about it. But it does not mean that this needs to be overdone. Regrettably, -for example, some women’s movements are seen which demand a “men’s status” for women. Such an effort is laughter-arousing on one hand, and maliciously provocative on the other. Men are men, and women are women. They have different social as well as family roles, though in some cases those roles may be overlapping. Women are indispensable to men, and men are indispensable to women. Their relationships are complementary. So, just as it is impossible to separate women from men, so is it absurd to strive for replacing one with the other. When we launch any movement or enact laws, we should bear in mind this universal truth.

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