The Dangers Of Science

By | March 5, 2021
The Dangers Of Science


Science has established the world in a new order by removing many of our superstitions, ignorance, and much of the darkness before our mundane eyes. It has added a new dimension to our life and the way we live it by various inventions and discoveries. It is only by dint of science that the primitive wild mankind is now the leader of the modern age. Now man dreams of a united world-system to be established with the help of the power that science has given him. When man was completely afraid, demoralized, and helpless amidst the wild calamitous powers of nature, science provided him with the necessary strength and hope; it created favorable situations for him to love in a friendly atmosphere and fraternity, to live one another and thereby enrich life’s happiness and establish peace. But yet a class of greedy and selfish people has always tried to use the power of science to destroy mankind, to upset the systematic world-wonder that science has established. Unlimited greed and egotism have induced them to use science against mankind. They have rendered the atmosphere poisonous, have extinguished the life-light of the earth. They use science to create dangers. That is why men are now afraid of the dangerous and perilous aspects of science. In the primitive days, the history of mankind was the history of struggle with wild animals and natural calamities. A man perhaps earned the wildness of the beast as he had to struggle with beasts for his survival. He became indifferent to the power of love and fraternity and stooped to the belligerents of animals. Today, in the glaring procession of civilization, he has worn the garments of gentility. Those who are inherently beastlike want to hide their beastliness under the glistening apparels of modesty, feigned philanthropy, and fake air of leadership. Under the guise of gentlemanship, they actually hide their blooded venomous claws. Those selfish greedy people are employing the unlimited power of science for destructive purposes. The place of the ancient arrows bows and spears has been occupied by tanks, cannons, mortars, missiles, and other modern firearms. But yet those devils-in-the-guise-of-men, thinking that these will be insufficient in “preserving” and “cherishing” their so-called religion fraternity and peace, have invented more fatal devices such as hydrogen bombs, atom bombs, germ bombs, and so on. They are now conducting arduous research with cosmic rays to invent more effective death-instruments. Now they think of devastating star-wars and yet talk of world peace. In the pre-historic age, the man was self-lover, in the medieval age nationalist, and in the modern age philanthropic. As a result, all the responsibilities of the modern world are on his fragile shoulder. Consequently, under the noble pressure of such an eccentric feeling of responsibility, he has often aberrated from the right path. Now a glimpse of the history. When the colonialistic British people stepped on various parts of the world; they ANiere moved with pity at the deplorable conditions of peoples’ lives. That is why, being instigated by a philanthropic impulse, they started to establish peace and spread education by swords and bullets. As a very inconsequential consequence of it, we had to be hammered plundered, and killed for a long period of two hundred years. When the Germans in the twentieth century wanted to sow the prolific seeds of its “culture” all over the world, then we met with two devastating wars— the first and the second world wars. History says that it is only for the eccentric playful wishes of some so-called demagogues that we have suffered and have been suffering much. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are the toys in their playful hands. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for example, still exist without any existence only to prove this statement. All these misdeeds and destructive works are being facilitated by the techniques science have offered men.

And science is advancing more rapidly onwards in its uncurbable mighty march. And it will give birth to various other death-instruments that we can not imagine even today. But, simultaneously, science will show us newer and newer ways of living a happier life. It will always be of great use to us for our happiness and convenience. Actually, science itself is a boon, not a curse. It gives us ways, and it is up to us people how or to what purpose we use them. Science, used by bad malicious people, can never prove to be useful to mankind. Therefore, it is our responsibility to use it the right way. We must decide what we should use science for.


Man, who was once helpless nude uncivilized, and inhuman, has come out of the darkness of ignorance; has now won over many natural calamities and oppositions. He has killed many diseases and decreased the outbreak of some of them, has embosomed the moon which was once an object of his imaginations, and has conquered many things and places both under the sea and up in the sky. All this has been possible by virtue of the power science has given him. Science has made life easier and happier on earth. In the country, science has brought many evils on earth such as fire-arms atom-bombs, missiles, and other destructive death-weapons. As a result, roughly, science has killed and is killing more lives than it has saved and is saving. Therefore, now it is a relevant and very important question to answer: Is science actually a blessing or is it a curse? Man’s desire to know the unknown and see the unseen is indomitable and universal. From the very beginning of his life on earth, he has been raising innumerable questions about anything he has seen and acquired answers to many of them. The seed of the advancement of science which was sown by the Greek philosopher Aristotle through the systematic and well-thought-out questions sprouted forth and turned into a huge tree of knowledge having various branches of science and was manifested in the industrial revolution in Europe in the nineteenth century. From then onwards, science has been advancing like an uncurbable race-horse, never tired, never disappointed. Science has widened man’s ken and shortened the universe. So, before giving any readymade straight answer to a critical question like this, both the uses and abuses of science have to be considered. At first, the gifts of medical science can be considered. This branch of science has done men a great favor. It has manumitted mankind from the deadly clutches of various diseases for which many people had to die in the earlier ages. Advancement in pathological science has made it possible for us to diagnose various fatal diseases in their early development stage; and consequently, many of those diseases can now be cured altogether or their germs can be nipped in the bud. The invention of vaccines for some diseases has facilitated the complete prevention of them. Smallpox, malaria, HB virus, etc fall in this category. Man has defeated the deadly disease cancer with the help of radium. Diseases of the small significance in everyday life are not a great factor in this age. But man has not stopped here; he is advancing far ahead by little bits of inventions and investigations everyday. Now it is a proven reality that in the developed countries the average life expectancy has increased dramatically only by dint of the drastic advance in medical science. The death rate has hopefully decreased. The novelty and strangeness have surpassed man’s imagination, so to say. Roads, streets, highways, airplanes, ships, cars—all these have brought about a revolutionary change in man’s lifestyle. Now man is rummaging through the sky as if it were a hidden pocket in his own greatcoat. The people of this planet are rushing towards other remote galaxies. All these have been possible with the help of science. Here, of course, special mention must be made of radio, television, phone, fax, wireless and E-mail by dint of which a man of a certain place is communicating with another man or group of people far away in another part of the world within seconds. Now man is communicating with others as speedy as he can imagine of things. Now the emergence of satellite communication has brought the whole world to man’s fingertips. Science has brought about a drastic increase in productivity in agriculture. The invention of fertilizers, scientific ways of cultivation, hybrid seeds and plants, modern mechanical irrigation process, etc have improved productivity in the agricultural sector. The contribution of science to the ease and comforts of everyday life hardly needs any mentioning. Almost all aspects of our everyday life are now blessed with the magic gifts of science.

There have been formidable improvements in the teaching methods and the educational system as a whole of the current age as compared to those of the previous ages. This has been possible only with the help of the gifts of science. Moreover, we all know what science has given us for recreational facilities. In a word, the life of the modern man is entirely dependent on and supported by various gifts of science. But science is not a pure blessing. It has its own problems and abuses. It has given man various death-weapons like missiles, atom bombs, various types of fire-arms, modern fighter-planes, and whatnot. These are being used for destructive purposes. Science has strengthened the hands of some malignant people who have many times killed hundreds of thousands of people and damaged wealth beyond calculation. Consequently, the damage that science has caused on earth outweighs the good it has done to people. It has cured many diseases no doubt, but at the same time, it has created many other fatal diseases. It has increased the rate of environmental pollution. It has equipped malicious people with heavy death-weapons. It has empowered the social criminals and endangered the lives of the peace-loving people. The destructive power of science has provoked man to kill and hate man; it has equipped one with arms against the other. Man has learned to doubt man. The fiber of fraternity and morality has eroded away. Man has to a great extent made a hell of this nice earth. But science itself is not responsible for any of these bad consequences. It has the empowered man with knowledge and techniques, and to what purpose those should be used is up to the man himself. The only solution to the problems created by science is that we should control our passions, learn to behave, and think like real philanthropic human beings. We must overcome the narrowness of our minds. Science is a necessary evil. We can not do without it.

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